2019 Agenda Archive


This archive contains the meeting agendas, staff reports and notices as posted for the City Council, Planning Commission, Parks & Recreation Commission and Successor Agency Oversight Board.

2019 City Council Agendas

12/17/2019 City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 21MB)

12/03/2019 City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 6MB)

11/26/2019 City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 43MB)

11/19/2019 - City Council Agenda - Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 239KB)

11/05/2019 - City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 22MB)

10/29/2019 - City Council Agenda - Special Meeting(PDF, 305KB)

10/22/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 25MB)

10/15/2019 City Council Agenda - Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 158KB)

10/03/2019 City Council agenda(PDF, 142KB)

10/01/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 12MB)

09/17/2019 City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 7MB)

09/03/2019 City Council Agenda Packet - Item 9 Minutes(PDF, 1MB)

09/03/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 4MB)

08/27/2019 City Agenda Packet(PDF, 936KB)

08/20/2019 City Council Agenda - Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 152KB)

08/14/2019 - City Council Agenda Packet (Special Meeting)(PDF, 2MB)

08/13/2019 City Council Agenda Packet - Notice of Cancellation - Regular Meeting(PDF, 2MB)

08/13/2019 City Council Agenda Packet - Notice of Cancellation - Special Closed Session(PDF, 238KB)

08/13/2019 City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 238KB)

08/06/2019 City Council Agenda Packet - Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 238KB)

07/30/2019 City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 16MB)

07/16/2019 - City Council Agenda(PDF, 310KB)

07/02/2019 - City Council Agenda Packet (Additional Information)(PDF, 5MB)

07/02/2019 - City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 14MB)

06/25/2019 City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 15MB)

06/18/2019 City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 9MB)

06/04/2019 City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 22MB)

05/28/2019 City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 1MB)

05/22/2019 City Council Agenda Packet - Ethics Training(PDF, 30KB)

05/21/2019 City Council Agenda Packet(PDF, 3MB)

05/14/2019 City Council agenda packet Item 4 Attachment(PDF, 4MB)

05/14/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 18MB)

05/07/2019 City Council Revised Special Closed Session Meeting Agenda(PDF, 168KB)

(PDF, 168KB)05/07/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 47MB)

04/16/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 7MB)

04/02/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 10MB)

03/19/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 17MB)

03/12/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 5MB)

03/05/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 9MB)

02/19/2019 City Council agenda revised(PDF, 128KB)

02/19/2019 City Council agenda packet Item 15 Attachment 4(PDF, 291KB)

02/19/2019 City Council agenda packet Item 15 Attachment 3(PDF, 9MB)

02/19/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 8MB)

02/09/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 61KB)

02/05/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 3MB)

01/29/2019 City Council agenda packet 6:00 pm Additional Closed Session(PDF, 63KB)

01/29/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 135KB)

01/22/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 1MB)

01/15/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 3MB)

01/12/2019 City Council agenda packet(PDF, 1MB)

2019 Planning Commission Agendas

12/23/2019 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation(PDF, 180KB)

12/10/2019 Planning Commission Agenda(PDF, 14MB)

11/26/2019 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation(PDF, 180KB)

11/19/2019 - Planning Commission Agenda(PDF, 9MB)

11/12/2019 Planning Commission Cancellation(PDF, 188KB)

10/29/2019 - Planning Commission Agenda(PDF, 1MB)

10/22/2019 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation(PDF, 188KB)

10/08/2019 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation(PDF, 188KB)

09/24/2019 Planning Commission Agenda(PDF, 999KB)

09/10/2019 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation(PDF, 180KB)

08/27/2019 Planning Commission Cancellation(PDF, 179KB)

08/13/2019 Planning Commission Cancellation(PDF, 179KB)

07/23/2019 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation(PDF, 28KB)

07/09/2019 Planning Commission Agenda(PDF, 2MB)

06/25/2019 Planning Commission Meeting Cancellation(PDF, 119KB)

06/11/2019 Planning Commission Agenda(PDF, 2MB)

05/28/2019 Planning Commission Cancellation(PDF, 180KB)

05/14/2019 Planning Commission Cancellation(PDF, 179KB)

04/23/2019 Planning Commission Agenda(PDF, 903KB)

04/09/19 Planning Commission Cancellation(PDF, 119KB)

03/26/2019 Planning Commission Agenda(PDF, 985KB)

03/12/2019 Planning Commission Cancellation(PDF, 179KB)

02/26/2019 Planning Commission Agenda(PDF, 11MB)

02/12/2019 Planning Commission Cancellation(PDF, 119KB)

01/29/2019 Planning Commission Agenda(PDF, 2MB)

01/22/2019 Planning Commission Cancellation(PDF, 28KB)

01/08/2019 Planning Commission Cancellation(PDF, 28KB)