Levine Act Disclosure Statement


The Fair Political Practices Commission adopted new and amended regulations to implement Senate Bill 1439 (SB 1439). Approved by the Governor in September 2022 and effective January 1, 2023, SB 1439 extends the Levine Act’s (Gov. Code § 84308) requirements to local elected officials and appointed city commissioners.  SB 1439 requires disclosure of campaign contributions before certain City Council or Commission decisions, requires recusal from certain City Council or Commission decisions based on campaign contributions, and imposes new prohibitions on receiving or soliciting campaign contributions.

The Levine Act prohibits any Councilmember, the Mayor, and Commissioner (City Officer) from participating in proceedings in licensing, permitting, and other entitlement for use proceedings involving a party or participant who has contributed $250 or more to the official within the 12 months prior to the proceeding. The prohibition on contributions applies to the 12 months following the date after the final decision. 

Information regarding “Parties” and Participants” can be found in Fair Political Practices Commission, Officers and Section 84308. Any Participant or, Party (or their agent) to a Proceeding is requested to voluntarily report any campaign contributions to any Suisun City Officer by completing the California Levine Act Disclosure Statement and submitting to the clerk@suisun.com. A list of Suisun City Councilmembers and commissioners can be found online at https://www.suisun.com/Government/Citizen-Governance. The Suisun City Levine Act Disclosure Statement can be found at https://www.suisun.com/Government.

The completed form submitted to the City of Suisun City is a public record.

Suisun City Levine Act Disclosure Statement(PDF, 101KB)


Levine Act Section 84308 Information

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