Business Licenses

All businesses and contractors within the City of Suisun City need to secure a city Business License per City Code, Title 5. The requirements vary slightly depending on the type of business operation. See the information below for details.

All Businesses

You can now submit your application online. 

Business License Portal     Contractor Business License Portal     Business License Renewal

Guidelines for Specific Situations

City Code includes special provisions for businesses in several specific circumstances:

Commercial Businesses

  • Schedule a safety inspection of your business location by contacting the Building & Public Works Department at 707-421-7310.
  • The business license cannot be approved without a valid safety inspection.
  • Questions or for more information, call 707-421-7328.

Home-Based Businesses

Suisun City allows certain limited types of businesses to be conducted within homes and apartments. Our primary concern is to protect the residential integrity of the neighborhood. Issuance of a business license is based on your compliance with Development Services Department conditions developed to protect the neighborhood and your property values. All home-based businesses must apply for a Home Occupation Permit and have it approved by the Development Services Department.

Home Occupation Permit(PDF, 132KB)
Community Development application to seek review and approval to use a residential location for commercial purposes.

The operation of this business must meet all of the following minimum conditions:

  • The business use is clearly secondary to the residential use of the property. The business does not change the character of the dwelling or adversely affect the neighborhood;
  • No mechanical equipment shall be installed or maintained other than such that is customary to a residential use;
  • The business creates no additional traffic and requires no additional parking spaces beyond what is normal for a residential use;
  • No retail sales are allowed to take place from the home;
  • No business vehicles other than passenger cars, vans, mini-vans, or up to 1-ton pick-up trucks may be parked at the residence; and
  • The business is conducted by the inhabitants of the residential unit except that a maximum of one employee who is not a resident may be allowed by the Planning Commission provided the following conditions are met:
    • The employee works under the direction of the resident and is not an independent or separate business enterprise,
    • The employee is necessary to the performance of the home occupation,
    • Employment would be limited to the hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m,
    • The allowance of an employee would not require the use of any parking required for the residence or create on-street parking problems in the neighborhood.

If it is found that home businesses are not complying with the above requirements and/or causing a problem in the neighborhood, the City’s permission to operate the business may be withdrawn.

If you have any questions on home business, call the Development Services Department at 707-421-7335.

Waterfront District Businesses

Business located in and around the Waterfront District likely are part of the Suisun City Historic Waterfront Business Improvement District (BID).

Created under State law by the City Council at the request of local businesses in 2003, the BID is an independent non-profit that undertakes a number of promotional and community activities to promote its members and the Waterfront District as a destination. >> Link to City BID Code

The BID collects an annual assessment from its members to finance its activities. The assessment, which is based upon business type and location, is collected as a separate line item on the City’s annual business license renewal invoice. The BID waives the assessment for the reminder of the first calendar year in which a business locates in the district boundaries.

Estimating Your Assessment

The BID assessment is based upon business type and location. Use the links below to estimate your annual assessment.

For more information about the BID, its board members and activities, please visit the BID website at

For questions regarding the BID assessment, contact John Kearns at or 707-421-7337.