Contracts & MOUs

Employment agreements (contracts or Memorandums of Understanding [MOUs]) between Employees and the City are reviewed and approved by the City Council.  These can include agreement with individuals, such as with the City Manager, Police Chief, and Fire Chief or with groups of employees, such as those represented by bargaining units. These documents include pay and work rules that supplement the Personnel Rules adopted by the City Council.

Employment Contracts

City Manager Employment Contract(PDF, 1MB)
Resolution 2019-20

City Manager Employment Contract Amendment No. 1(PDF, 434KB)
Resolution 2021-54

City Manager Employment Contract Amendment No. 2(PDF, 420KB)
Resolution 2022-61

Police Chief Employment Contract(PDF, 2MB)
Resolution 2019-58

Fire Chief Employment Contract(PDF, 2MB)
Resolution 2022-126

Suisun City Employees’ Association (SCEA)

SCEA MOU 2021-23(PDF, 2MB)
Resolution 2021-82

SCEA MOU 2021-23 Amendment No. 1(PDF, 353KB)
Resolution 2022-52

Suisun City Management and Professional Employees’ Association (SCMPEA)

SCMPEA MOU 2021-23(PDF, 2MB)
Resolution 2021-81

SCMPEA MOU 2021-23 Amendment No. 1(PDF, 503KB)
Resolution 2022-53

Suisun City Police Officers’ Association (SCPOA)

SCPOA MOU 2021-23(PDF, 2MB)
Resolution 2021-83

SCPOA MOU 2021-23 Amendment No. 1(PDF, 489KB)
Resolution 2022-54

Dispatcher Unit Modification Stipulation & Agreement(PDF, 364KB)

Suisun City Professional Firefighters’ Association (SCPFA)

SCPFA Tentative Agreement 2021-23(PDF, 605KB)
Resolution 2021-95

SCPFA MOU 2022-23(PDF, 644KB)
Resolution 2022-102

Unrepresented Employees

Unrepresented Schedule of Benefits(PDF, 1MB)
Resolution 2022-55: Approved 4/5/2022

Temporary Part-Time Employees

Temporary Part-Time Employees(PDF, 494KB)
Resolution 2016-10: Approved 2/2/2016