Safety Funding


Improving Safety and Quality of Life with Local Control


Budget Deficit Threatens Bankruptcy, Safety and Quality of Life

Suisun City is facing a severe budget deficit that threatens the future of our city directly impacting the safety and quality of life for local residents. After several years of declining city revenues, and some self-inflicted wounds due to inaction and flawed decisions, we find ourselves in a place that does not allow the city to sustain current operations.  As a result, Suisun City currently relies upon limited emergency reserves and temporary COVID relief funding to sustain services. However, temporary COVID relief funds are now fully expended, limited emergency reserves will soon be depleted, and an important source of locally controlled funding will soon expire.

Potential Loss of Local Services, Governance and Control

If Suisun City is unable to secure additional revenue, city leaders will be forced into bankruptcy which will mean immediate and direct reductions in city services, quality of life, and potential safety of the community, additionally, it could lead to the end of Suisun City’s status as an independent city. The outcome of losing our independence as a city will negatively impact every resident of our city. This would mean Suisun City would lose its current local fire department, police department, parks, libraries, youth and senior programs among other services. Suisun City would also lose its locally controlled budget and elected City Council for local decision-making.

Budget Impacts on 9-1-1 Emergency Response and Police Patrols

Current police and fire department staffing levels are 30% lower than the standard for a community the size of Suisun City. At times, only two or three police officers are on duty, making it extremely challenging to patrol neighborhoods and respond to emergency calls. The police department also lacks the resources needed to address the nuisances associated with homelessness. Two-thirds of the fire department’s 911 calls are for medical emergencies, requiring the fast response of a paramedic. Current emergency response staffing results in response times as high as 50 minutes for some calls, while the national standard for response times is five minutes.

Preserving Locally Controlled Services by Renewing Locally Controlled Funding

In 2016, Suisun City voters approved a 1% sales tax measure to provide locally controlled funding for city services. This funding is now set to expire. To maintain Suisun City’s status as an independent city, improve the city’s financial stability, and maintain locally controlled services, the Suisun City Council is considering placing a measure on the November 2024 ballot to renew locally controlled sales tax funding at a rate of 1.75%. This measure would provide locally controlled funding for essential city services, including:

  • Addressing crime and public nuisances associated with homelessness
  • Preventing the elimination of neighborhood police patrols
  • Maintaining local fire protection and improving 9-1-1 emergency response times
  • Maintaining streets and fixing potholes

Fiscal Accountability and Local Control

A measure to renew local sales tax funding would continue strict fiscal accountability requirements, including:

  • Public disclosure of all spending
  • Independent citizen oversight
  • All funds must stay local in Suisun City for local needs
  • No funds can be taken away by the State

Exemption for Essential Purchases

To help ensure the cost of the measure is not a burden to those on fixed or limited incomes, essential purchases such as groceries, prescription medicine, and diapers are exempt from sales tax. Sales tax is paid by anyone who shops in Suisun City, including visitors.

We Want to Hear from You!

As we work to improve safety and quality of life in Suisun City, we welcome your feedback and questions. For more information or to provide feedback, please contact Bret Prebula, City Manager, at

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