Street Sweeping

street sweeper

What are some quick tips to help ensure a more efficient and effective sweeping of your street?

  • Move cars off the street on your scheduled sweeping day – this helps the sweeper get up to the curb/gutter area.
  • Do not sweep/push leaves into the curb/gutter area – the sweeper is not designed to pickup up large piles of leaves.  The leaves will just get spread and/or will end up in the storm drain which contributes to flooding risks.
  • Do not leave items like bricks/boards/rocks in the curb/gutter area – this damages the sweeper which can result in the sweeper needing to go to the shop immediately and can cut short the route where the damaged occurred as well as the remaining portions of the route.  


Republic Services/Solano Garbage manages the street sweeping contract for sweeping  City streets under a modified garbage franchise agreement that maintains the City’s performance standard of all City streets being swept once per month. More frequent sweeping may be conducted based upon leaf fall, storm damage, and special circumstances.

Though the City makes every effort to clean storm drains and heavy leaf-fall areas prior to significant fall and winter storms, residents are encouraged to help keep all storm drains free from heavy collections of leaves.  Heavy collection of leaves in storm drains can result in localized flooding.  Fallen leaves can be added to home compost bins, used as flowerbed mulch or deposited in green waste containers for removal.

Moving vehicles off the street on your street sweeping day helps the sweeper reach the curb/gutter area and complete a more complete street sweeping.

Please call Public Works with any questions about the Street Sweeping Schedule or comments about service – (707) 421-7345 or