Prevention Division


The Fire Prevention Division protects life and property through the development and application of fire prevention, engineering, training and education, and enforcement.  As part of this mission, the Fire Prevention Division establishes a fire-safe environment for the people of Suisun City within the jurisdiction’s authority to build structures, maintain fire and life safety systems properly, operate businesses safely, and to provide for a safer overall community. 

Building a Safe Community

The Fire Prevention Division participates in the City’s development review process, which reviews all new development in Suisun City.  By participating in this process, the Fire Prevention Division is able to provide input into building a safer community. The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for conducting a regular fire inspection program of public buildings to improve public safety.  

Fire Prevention and Safety Education

Fire prevention and safety education remains a constant goal. The Fire Prevention Office seeks to make residents aware of the dangers of fire and conducts a viable fire safety program with the school system and other interested parties. The Fire Prevention Office communicates openly with the public, business community, and fellow fire and law enforcement agencies about fire prevention and safety education. 

Fire Inspections

Many fires can be prevented through fire inspections and code enforcement. Fire inspections are performed by certified fire inspectors on a predetermined schedule. The California Fire Code serves as the required compliance code along with other building and safety regulations. Other inspection responsibilities include inspecting for certificate of occupancy inspections, issuing operational permits, plan review for construction, and fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems. 

Plan Review and Inspections

Fire Investigations

Fire investigation serves as another mechanism employed by the Fire Prevention Division to prevent fires. By determining the origin and cause of a fire, the Fire Prevention Division can better educate and protect the public from the dangers of fire and possibly prevent repeat occurrences through public education. If a fire is determined to be suspicious or a result of arson, a full investigation is completed by certified fire investigators. Any information concerning suspicious fires should be reported to the Suisun City Fire Department at 707-421-7205.  After normal business hours, call 707-421-7373.