Knox Box Rapid Entry Systems

In an emergency, Knox products provide first responders with immediate access into secured buildings, campuses, residences and commercial properties. A properly installed Knox key box or key switch can reduce forced entries and property damage and allows for site security to be restored quickly and easily. For certain facilities, fire departments may require installation of a key box or key switch in a pre-approved location to gain entry during emergencies (CA Fire Code §506). If you are installing a new automatic gate, please consult your local building department. Knox product ordering, installation requirements and emergency access is determined by fire department jurisdiction. Suisun City Fire Department partners with the Knox Company for approved products. Only Suisun City Fire Department can open Knox products in the within our jurisdiction.



For more information about available Knox products in your area, follow the steps below:

1. Go to homepage menu and select “Choose Your Local Fire Department Agency”

2. To locate Suisun City Fire Department, select “California” for location and then enter “Suisun City” click enter. 

3. Follow steps to select and purchase your Knox product. Suisun City Fire Department will receive a notification and authorize your purchase within three (3) business days. Once approved, your Knox product will be shipped to the address specified in your order.

After you receive and install your Knox product, contact Suisun City Fire Department – Fire Prevention Division at 707-421-7205 to schedule an appointment to lock the designated keys (labeled with key tags) inside lock box and/or verify key switch is functioning. For more information about Knox product installation and maintenance requirements, call 707-421-7205.