Plan Review and Inspections

Plan Review

Step 1: Electronic Plan Submittal and Application 

  • Email the plans, application, and any supporting documents as separate files (do not combine into one pdf) to  

  • Separate applications, fees, and plan submittals are required for each plan type (e.g., civil plans, architectural plans, fire sprinkler plans, fire alarm plans, etc.). 

  • Revisions and resubmissions are required to be submitted for further review.  Redlines and handwritten comments will not be accepted. 

  • For plans that are too large to email, the applicant shall provide a link in which to download the submittal package (example: Dropbox).  

Step 2: Plan Review and Permits 

The standard turnaround time for plan review of first submittals is 15 business days from the time the plans are received. The standard turnaround time for review of second and subsequent submittals is 10 business days from the time resubmittals are received.  All plans are reviewed in the order of the date received. 

Step 3: Pay Fees 

Plan review fees will be invoiced upon final completion of plan review.  Payment can be made electronically following the instructions noted on the e-mailed invoice.  Checks could be mailed to Suisun City Fire Department Attn: Fire Marshal 621 Pintail Drive Suisun City, CA  94585.  Cash will not be accepted. 

Step 4: Request Inspections 

Follow the link for all inspection requests.  Request Inspections