December 6, 2022

Fire Department

The Suisun City Fire Department was established in 1861, and the men and women of the Suisun City Fire Department take great pride in the customer service they provide to all who live, work and travel through the city limits of Suisun City.

Suisun City Fire Department is a mission-driven fire agency that remains customer-focused and safety-oriented. It is the goal of the Fire Department that all members strive to attain a synergistic balance of education, training and experience to provide excellent customer service and emergency management on every call for service.

The Suisun City Fire Department is an All-hazards/All-risk Fire Department that covers the 4.5 square miles that make up the boundaries of the City of Suisun City. The department operates out of one (1) fire station, located at 621 Pintail Drive.

The Fire Department is a combination agency staffed with both Full-time and Volunteer fire personnel. The department currently operates (3) Type 1 Fire Engines, (1) Type 3 Fire Engine, (1) Ladder Truck, (3) Command Vehicles, (1) Type 5 Fire Engine and (2) Zodiac Rescue Boats.

The Suisun City Fire Department is an ALS (Paramedic) level department, supported by Medic Ambulance for medical transport services. Suisun City Fire Department Station 47 is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In 2021, the department ran 3,377 calls for service, including 227 fire calls.

Mission Statement: To ensure the protection of life and property through effective and efficient delivery of professional firefighting, fire prevention, and emergency medical services to the communities of Suisun City.

Vision Statement: Provide professional fire prevention and emergency response services to protect the people, property, businesses, and facilities within the City of Suisun City from the adverse effects of fire, injury and illness, and all potential hazardous conditions.

Core Values: Dedication, Teamwork, Integrity, Professional, Leadership, Tradition

Motto: “ Semper Progrediens” (Always Progressing)