Message from the City Manager

Published on February 08, 2023

Greg Folsom

Hello once again. I hope you are finding this monthly update to be informative about what your city government has been doing to improve our city. If you only read one of my updates this year, this is the one!

First of all, welcome to our new Councilmember, Amit Pal. Councilmember Pal was appointed by unanimous consensus after several public interview sessions that were held during City Council meetings to provide as much transparency in the selection process as possible. Councilmember Pal served for five years on the Planning Commission and has significant involvement in the community. He will serve for the remainder of the term created by the vacancy when Alma Hernandez was elected to the Mayor position. Councilmember Pal’s term will expire in 2024.

This month I am very proud to highlight our successes of 2022. We have had an incredibly successful year, especially given the staff and resource limitations that we have. Every department did an amazing job in providing service to the community and maximizing available funding to leverage our own resources.

Here is the full report: 

 CM-Report-January-2023.pdf(PDF, 1MB)


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