December 5, 2021

Public Notices

public_noticeCalifornia state law requires a broad variety of public notices for local government to conduct its work in an open and transparent fashion. Many noticing requirements are contained in the Brown Act, the State’s open meetings law. The posting of the notices here go beyond those requirements to provide City residents information regarding pending official actions or hearings.

We also will post notices required by other parts of State law, or for joint-powers authorities (JPAs) or other partnerships the City may join, that are more periodic and much less common.  Many of these are required to be published only in the local newspaper. This page is designed to go beyond that minimum requirement and function as a notice clearinghouse.

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Public Notices

  Draft Zoning Ordinance Public Notice_Planning Commission
» 154.5 KiB - 2,527 hits - December 1, 2016

  1241 Anderson Drive Public Notice_November 15
» 39.8 KiB - 2,460 hits - November 3, 2016

  Notice of Measure S Oversight Committee Unscheduled Vacancy
» 54.9 KiB - 959 hits - February 20, 2019


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