Request for Proposal for City Attorney Services

Published on March 22, 2024


The City of Suisun City invites interested legal firms and/or individuals to submit proposals for City Attorney Services as described in the scope of work set forth in this request for proposals (RFP). The City seeks a City Attorney who will provide clear, understandable, and independent legal advice. The firm/individual must be qualified to provide expertise in the areas of general municipal law, land use, personnel and labor relations, open meeting and conflict of interest laws and other legal matters affecting a general law city as such may arise. The City Attorney will serve under the direction and supervision of the City Council and acts as their legal advisor. The City Attorney is not a City employee and is not entitled to the benefits of a City employee; the position is strictly on a contractual basis. The City Council reserves the right to retain or employ other attorneys or special counsel as may be needed, in its sole judgment, to take charge of any litigation or legal matters or to assist the City Attorney.

Submittal Closing, Time, and Location, Inquiries

All proposals delivered in an express courier package shall be sealed in a separate envelope within the courier package. Any proposal found ineligible or incomplete shall not be considered for selection. Proposers assume full responsibility for having their proposal deposited at the proper address and no later than the scheduled closing time. Faxed or emailed proposals or modifications will not be considered. Proposals will not be received after the closing date and time indicated below:

  • Submittal Closing: Wednesday, May 1, 2024, 5:00pm, PST
  • Location: City of Suisun City
  • Attention: Aaron Roth, Interim City Manager 
  • 701 Civic Center BLVD
  • Suisun City, CA 94585

Number of Copies: Five (5) Bound copies of the proposal; one (1) unbound reproducible copy; and one (1) electronic version (usb flash drive) must be submitted.


Any prospective Proposer desiring an explanation or interpretation of the solicitation, specifications, etc., must request so in writing, no later than five (5) days before proposal due date to allow a reply to reach prospective Proposer before the proposal submission date. The written request must be submitted to the individual identified below. Inquiries regarding this solicitation shall be directed to:

City of Suisun City

Attention: Aaron Roth, Interim City Manager

701 Civic Center BLVD

Suisun City, CA 94585


Please reference “Request for Proposals for City Attorney Services” when contacting the City regarding this solicitation. The City of Suisun City website, will contain a copy of this document as well as a summary of any/all applicable addenda, if any. Any firm found to be contacting members of the City Council or other members of City staff or officials to obtain information during this RFP process may be automatically disqualified from any further consideration.

To view the Request for Proposal please click here: Request for Proposal for City Attorney Services for the City of Suisun City-2024(PDF, 289KB)

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