Suisun City Road Projects - Lane Closures

Published on June 13, 2024

Suisun City Seal

Preparation for the commencement of construction on the Asphalt Rubber Cape Seal Project is currently underway, with plans to commence construction later this month and continue through the end of July 2024. The City has awarded the construction contract to Pavement Coatings Co. in the amount of $540,900, utilizing allocations from Senate Bill 1 (SB1).

This project aims to improve the pavement conditions of Marina Boulevard, from Highway 12 to Railroad Avenue, and a section of Railroad Avenue extending from Sunset Avenue to a point approximately 400 feet eastward. In total, approximately 96,500 square feet of asphalt rubber cape seal treatment, including necessary digout repairs, will be conducted to enhance these roadways for both residents and visitors. Additionally, efforts will be made to restore the median island on Marina Boulevard, located just north of Highway 12, addressing existing damages to improve its appearance and functionality.

During construction activities, temporary closures of vehicular lanes will be in effect from 7 am to 6 pm. While these closures may cause minor inconveniences in the short term, all road users are strongly encouraged to comply with all construction-related signage to ensure the safety of all road users throughout the duration of the project.

To view the Press Release please click here: Suisun City Road Projects - Lane Closures(PDF, 259KB)