Message from the City Manager

Published on March 09, 2023


City Manager, Greg Folsom

February 2023 Update 

Every month there are exciting things happening in Suisun City and we’ve had a very exciting several months on Council. We swore in two new Mayors (one short-term and one full-term) and two new Councilmembers in December, appointed a new Councilmember in January, and accepted a resignation from Council in February, so we are planning to appoint a new Councilmember in March!

One of the main agenda items we address every year in February is our mid-year budget. At the mid-year we evaluate where our actual expenditures are compared to the budget, and we make any budget adjustments that are either needed or requested. This year during our mid-year budget we had some positive and negative financial news.

Here is the full report:

CM Report - February 2023(PDF, 2MB)

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