The City of Suisun City was incorporated on October 9, 1868, as California’s 30th city. Suisun City is a General Law City, which means it falls under California state laws governing municipal operations rather than having its own Charter.

Suisun City operates under the Council/Manager form of governance in which the electorate chooses members of the City Council and the City Council hires the City Manager to implement City Council policy and run day-to-day affairs. The City Clerk and City Treasurer also are independently elected.

The City Council also sits as the governing board for the Housing Authority and as the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency. The Oversight Board is an independent review board reviewing Successor Agency actions.

Suisun City is located within Solano County, one of California’s 58 counties. Solano County provides a number of services on behalf of Suisun City, including public health services, judicial services, elections, property tax collection and assessment.

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