General Information

The Suisun City Clerk is directly elected by city voters to carry out a variety of duties vital to the orderly operation of the City, including

  • Attend meetings of the City Council, Successor Agency, Housing Authority and prepare minutes
  • Coordinate agenda preparation and posting, and the work of Deputy City Clerks with regard to various Commissions, Committees and/or Boards
  • Participate in administration of the Political Reform Act of 1974
  • Service as Suisun City’s Elections Official and custodian of state-required election-related documents, including candidate filings and recall petitions

Per City Council Resolution 2012-88, all other functions of the City Clerk enumerated in State Law or City Code are to be carried out by the Secretary to the City Manager/Deputy City Clerk, including

  • Maintaining all City Council actions and directives
  • Maintaining the City Code
  • Filing public notices
  • Maintaining public records, documents and files
  • Preparing and publishing various state-mandated reports, include the Appointments List, ticket distribution policy and FPPC form 806. Contributions