Citywide Beautification Advisory Committee

The membership and duties of the Citywide Beautification Advisory Committee are set by City Council Resolution in 2023.

Powers and Duties

The Citywide Beautification Advisory Committee is an Advisory Committee to both the City Council and the Commissions.

The Committee’s purpose shall enhance the quality of life in the community by focusing on the following functions:

  • Identify sites in need of beautification (i.e., public areas and public arts).
  • Engage and educate the public on how beautification strengthens our sense of community and pride.
  • Coordinate public volunteer clean-up events.
  • Work with civic groups and government agencies in rehabilitating public areas.
  • Develop and implement annual Beautification Awards Program for property and business owners who beautify their properties. 

Seven-member committee with each member appointed by a member of the City Council with the Mayor having two (2) appointments. The Chair and 7th member of the Committee will be a current City Council member appointed by the Mayor. The Vice Chair will be selected by members annually.   

Committee appointment shall be for two-years, expiring March 31 or every odd numbered year, and determined based on the specific Committee and confirmed by the full City Council.