Blossom LLD

The Blossom Lighting & Landscaping District (“Blossom MAD”) provides and ensures the continued maintenance, servicing, administration, and operation of various landscaping improvements, street lighting, and associated appurtenances located within medians, public rights-of-way and dedicated easements within the boundaries.

The territory within the Blossom LLD is located generally on the west side of Blossom Avenue within the City and includes the territory on Silk Oak Court, Jacaranda Drive, Silk Oak Drive, Willow Court, Avalon Way, Hibiscus Lane, and Bottlebrush Court.

The improvements are the construction, operation, maintenance, and servicing of landscaping improvements, street lighting, and associated appurtenances located within certain medians, the public right-of-way and dedicated easements within the boundaries. Maintenance and servicing includes, but is not limited to, personnel, electrical energy, utilities such as water and gas, materials, contracting services, and other items necessary for the satisfactory operation of these services as described as follows. Landscape improvements provided may include, but are not limited to: ground cover, shrubs, plants and trees, irrigation and drainage systems, graffiti removal, and associated appurtenant facilities. Street lighting improvements include all facilities and components of the street light system. Services provided include all necessary service, operations, administration, and maintenance required to keep the above mentioned improvements in a healthy, vigorous, working and satisfactory condition.

The following is a brief description of the improvements to be maintained and operated:

  • There are no park facilities or riparian vegetation being maintained.
  • Street Lighting: Street lighting along the West side of Blossom Avenue fronting the Blossom LLD and all interior streets. There are 14 street lights being maintained.
  • Median Island Landscaping: There are four small median islands, which are being maintained. Two are located on Silk Oak Drive, one on Willow Court, and one on Avalon Way.
  • Curbside Landscaping: The maintenance of curbside landscaping along the west side of Blossom Avenue, fronting the Blossom LLD, and the three interior landscaped waterline easements. In addition, the Blossom LLD supplies irrigation water and irrigation system maintenance to the parkway strips along Silk Oak Drive.