Get a Building Permit


Before starting alterations to your home, business or property, consult with the Building Division regarding the need for a building permit.

Applying for a Building Permit

It is not necessary to be a proficient draftsman, but the following basic information must be included on all plans submitted for approval:

  1. Building Permit Application(PDF, 105KB)
    Fillable pdf format email to:
  2. Construction drawings showing the following:
    • Plot plan showing the position of the proposed project in relation to existing buildings, the property lines and any public utility easements. Scale: 1/8" = 1'0" Min.
    • Foundation plan and detail indicating the type and size of footings used. Acceptable foundations should match the existing foundation type.
    • Framing detail showing size, type and spacing of framing members for the floor, wall and roof systems. Also include interior, exterior wall/roof coverings and insulation.
    • Floor plan detailing the location of the walls, sizes and types of doors and windows, electrical outlets, mechanical equipment, plumbing fixtures, and the position of smoke detectors. Scale: 1/4" = 1'0"
    • Elevation drawings showing four sides of the proposed structure. Scale: 1/4" = 1'0"

Please use the Requirements to Obtain a Building Permit(PDF, 5MB)  handout to get started on your submittal.

Plans submitted for approval may need to be reviewed by the Development Services Department – Planning Division to ensure compliance with city zoning regulations.

Inspection Requirements

  1. All permits issued require an inspection during and/or at the completion of the work. Scheduling inspections is the responsibility of the permittee.
  2. No work shall be accomplished on any part of the project covered by the permit beyond the point indicated in each successive inspection without first obtaining approval from the Building Division.
  3. Inspections may be requested by calling 707-421-7319.

Construction & Debris Disposal Requirements

The 2013 California Green Building Code (CALGreen) requires C&D projects, including additions and alterations, to divert from landfills at least 50% of the nonhazardous C&D debris generated during the project.

The City will not final the permit until documentation of compliance with these requirements is provided.