Suisun City Utility Billing Systems Change FAQs

Why is the billing system changing?

Over the past year, Suisun City has been transitioning to an Enterprise Resources Planning software system. As part of this strategic change, the billing system will be replaced with a more robust system appropriate for a city of our size. It will also allow us to automate many manual processes, reduce paper, and become more efficient with our limited resources.

When will the change occur?

The transition is expected to occur between July 17 and July 22, 2023. During that time, the new utility billing system will be transitioned from the current system to a new system.

Will I be able to pay my bill during the change?

Yes, you will be able to pay in-person at the utility office during regular business hours, or drop a payment in the Water Payment Drop Box to the right of the front doors. However, online payments will be temporarily unavailable while we transition between systems. If you are paying by mailed check or bank draft, there will be no changes and your payments will continue without interruption.

Will there be any changes to my utility rates?

Scheduled rate increases will reflect in July – September bills.

Will I have a new account number?

Yes, your account’s number will change. This information will become available after the transition is complete on July 20, 2023. You may also email us at with your name and service location or call us at 707-421-7320.

Will I get a new bill?

After the transition, you will be billed on the same cycle and bill dates that you are currently scheduled. The bill will have a different layout but will provide the same information that exists on the current bill.

How will I pay my pre-existing bill online after the change?

After July 20 you will need to know your Account Number and new Customer ID to make an online payment. You may also email us at with your name and service location or call us at 707-421-7320 to obtain this information.

Do I need to create an account to pay a bill online?

Yes, you will need to create a web user account to pay your bill online. However, you will need to use your new unique Account Number/Customer ID to access bills, view consumption history, and make one-time credit card payments or set up e-bills and/or auto payments. The URL will be provided once the transition takes place.

What are some of the benefits of paying a bill online?

Paying online with a credit/debit card gives you the flexibility to pay how and when you want. It saves you the trouble of writing and mailing a check or driving to our office.

Are there fees to pay a bill online?

There is a convenience fee and a website fee to make online payments.

If I pay online, how long before you will see my payment?

We should immediately be able to see a payment pending.

Will I have to make changes on my Bill Pay payments?

Yes, you will need to use your new account number on your Bill Pay Checks. Please change it in your bill pay system.