September 18, 2019

Water Meter Replacement Project Update – September 12

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  • Contractor has installed 6854 – 3/4” meters, 203 – 1” meters, 14 – 1 ½” meters and 15 – 2” meters
  • 83.13% of the meters have been replaced
  • Curt Richardson from MOM Billing and Suisun City Finance have been completing periodic syncs of data into Badgers system (Beacon) 5,457 accounts have been synced
    • 768 leaks have been detected (customer leaks, toilets, faucets…)
    • 182 with no recent flows
    • 48 with backflows
    • 80 with no recent endpoint communication
  • A leak is considered a meter that has a flow of one gallon or more every hour in a 24-hr period
  • We continue to receive calls from customers regarding leaks, or pressure losses, all calls are forwarded to the contractor and M&I supervisor
    • SID is replacing leaking corp stops weekly as many 3-4/day
  • Discrepancies have been found with meter quantities and quantity of each size. This discrepancy will likely require a change order; however, the specific dollar amount and quantity may not be known until after the project is completed. At the moment, approximately 161 additional meters may be required.
  • Progress Payment 4 has been received and will be routed for approval.


  • Continue installing meters
  • Make repairs to meter locations provided by PMI
  • Address leaks, backflows, and endpoint communication issues
  • Work with contractor on addressing broken or damaged meter lids

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