January 19, 2021

Suisun Logistics Notice of Preparation for an Environmental Impact Report

The City of Suisun City will be the Lead Agency and will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the project identified herein. The project description, location, and probable environmental effects of the Suisun Logistics Center Project are described in the attached materials. The City of Suisun City is soliciting comments from public agencies, organizations, and members of the public regarding the scope and content of the EIR, and the environmental issues and alternatives to be addressed in the document. Public agencies may need to use the EIR when considering permitting or other approvals that are germane to the agencies’ responsibilities in connection with the project.

Because of time limits mandated by State law, public agencies must submit any comments in response to this notice at the earliest possible date but not later than 30 days after receipt of this notice. The City of Suisun City also will accept comments from other interested parties regarding this notice during this time period. Accordingly, please provide your written response to the address shown below by Thursday, February 4, 2021. If you wish to be placed on the notification list for this project, or if you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the person below.

Here are the full details:

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John Kearns, Senior Planner
City of Suisun City
701 Civic Center Boulevard
Suisun City, CA 94585
Phone: (707) 421-7337
Email: jkearns@suisun.com

Post expires at 12:00 am on February 5, 2021