August 17, 2022

Suisun City Monthly Survey

Last month began a monthly community engagement mini-survey asking about street sweeping schedules. Based on the results of that survey it was evident that residents are not well informed about the street sweeping schedule in their area, so City staff will be looking at ways to better inform our residents so that we can have cleaner overall streets.

This month’s survey will be about art in public places. For the next few weeks we will be asking residents to complete a very short survey regarding their thoughts on public art. Future mini-surveys will center around other quality of life issues where the Suisun City Council may be able to make better informed, data-driven decisions to improve the quality of life in Suisun City.

Mayor Lori Wilson stated, “As a strong believer in the value of art in public spaces, I am very excited about this particular survey! I hope everyone takes about 2 minutes out of their schedule to respond and help build a better community. The topic of a public art fee will be coming to Council soon and this will help us gauge the community’s interest.”

The link to the survey is available here: Suisun City Monthly Survey

Here is the full press release:

  Press Release Mini-Survey Announcement (120.5 KiB, 231 hits)