August 10, 2022

Defeating Neighborhood Crime Together

CRIME-preventionWhen Police Chief Tim Mattos met with Waterfront Neighborhood members earlier this month, he said the Police Department would respond to their concerns. Here’s a quick update on what’s happened so far.

Below are the statistics regarding proactive enforcement during the Night Shift in the downtown and Old Town areas between 12/1/16 to 12/18/16.

  • 14 calls received by Dispatch
  • 1 Warrant Arrest
  • 32 Security checks were completed, including Lawler House, Harbor Square Courtyard & fireplace area, Downtown and Old Town area.
  • Citations directly associated with security checks:
    • 17 for camping
    • 1 for open container

Chief Mattos discussed the local Greyhound transportation issue with the Wardens of both California State Prison-Solano and the California State Medical Facility.  Both Wardens understand the issues and have addressed their respective transportation units regarding their requirement to remain with the released prisoner until they board the bus and leave the City.  Chief Mattos will continue to monitor this issue, and encourages you to contact him if you observe behavior that contradicts this requirement.

Chief Mattos also met with Union Pacific Police Lieutenant Michael Holland to discuss enforcement and clean up along the railroad property related to issues associated with the homeless population.  The first enforcement sweep and clean-up will take place after his crews return following the holiday.

Regarding the “Old Crystal School” property, Suisun City Police posted several encampments located on the property and issued two citations to people located on the property.  John Pitts and his weekend crew were able to clean up all but one encampment on Sunday, December 18th.  Public Works cleaned the remaining encampment on Wednesday, December 21st.  In addition, the Public Works crew trimmed the trees along the fence line which should prevent additional encampments.


Keeping an entire City safe is never a “one and done” type of project. It’s an ongoing effort that requires constant attention, innovation & communication. We believe that’s most successful when residents and Police work together on real world solutions to real world issues.

Police Chief Tim Mattos recently hosted a Waterfront Community Forum to elicit feedback and ideas on immediate solutions and potential strategies to address rising petty crime that has made that residential and business neighborhood feel less safe.

The dialogue and discussion was very productive and surfaced great ideas. But it was only a beginning.

As Chief Mattos and his team work to deploy specific responses to specific concerns, we’re launching this page as a clearinghouse resource to begin reporting out to the overall community ideas, concepts, approaches and resources that can make every neighborhood in the City more safe.

Over time, we’ll provide information and tools about how you can get involved and effectively link up directly with the Police Department, as well as tips on how you can take proactive steps to safeguard your own home and property.

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