December 9, 2022

Measure S – Thank You & Next Steps

With the City Council set to begin discussions on January 3, 2017, about implementing Measure S, City Manager Suzanne Bragdon has prepared the following update:

The City Council is deeply appreciative of the overwhelming support residents expressed in passing Measure S on November 8, 2016, with more than 68% approval.

Getting to Measure S was a very rewarding process that brought together residents and City officials through constructive meetings at which officials shared the City’s financial position and challenges, and residents shared their desires for the community’s future.  This collaborative process resulted in a better understanding of both the community’s expectations and City Hall’s hard work to live within its means while striving to serve the community well.  We hope to continue working in a transparent partnership as we move forward over the next decade.

With the election behind us, now comes the implementation phase to ensure that Measure S resources are used wisely to address community needs.  This is not the time to disengage.  On January 3, 2017, Council and staff will have a discussion about the “how to” implement Measure S, with approaches that build upon the public engagement we’ve had to date, and ensure transparency and accountability, all while maximizing the benefit to the community and the future of Suisun City.  We all recognize that these funds are both limited and extremely precious; they do not fill all the revenue losses incurred over the past four to five years, which makes planning for their use all the more important.

Measure S funds, which are estimated to generate $1.8 million a year, will be programmed through the development of next year’s budget.  The annual mid-year budget update, which occurs in February, begins the process of formulating a spending plan for the 2017-18 fiscal year.  There are multiple public meetings that occur through the development of the budget, and we encourage you to continue to participate in this process.

From the nuts-and-bolts perspective, City staff has started the administrative process to collect Measure S, which is a 1% local tax collected similarly to sales tax. The Council and Staff are engaged with the California Board of Equalization on the agreements necessary to begin collecting the funds starting April 1, 2017. The first check to the City is expected in July 2017. We are also working with our sales tax consulting firm to help us track, audit and enforce this vital new revenue stream.

As we move forward, we will continue to update the Measure S webpage ( with updated information, links to staff reports, and opportunities for you to participate in helping us move forward.

Again, we thank you for entrusting us with Measure S.  We value that more than you can imagine.  We are dedicated to ensuring these precious funds are utilized in ways worthy of that trust.