September 19, 2021

Main Street West DDA Request for Proposals

The Successor Agency of the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Suisun City (Successor Agency) and the Suisun City Housing Authority (Housing Authority), seeking development Proposals (Proposals) from Qualified Successor Developers (Developers) for the opportunity to purchase and develop properties owned by the Successor Agency and Housing Authority. Successor Agency and Housing Authority may be referred to, collectively, as City. Developers may submit Proposals for one or more of the properties. City may accept one or more Proposals from one or more Developers. A Request for Proposals (RFP) document has been prepared and contains details on the process as well as any timelines for submittals. All questions regarding the RFP can be directed to:

John Kearns
Senior Planner
(707) 421-7335.

Proposals for Parcels 3, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13 were submitted prior to the August 26 deadline and are currently under review. Proposals may continue to be submitted; however, they will not be considered until after review of the first round of submittals is complete.

  MSW RFP (467.7 KiB, 247 hits)

  MSW DDA (5.9 MiB, 91 hits)

  MSW DDA First Amendment (471.7 KiB, 62 hits)

  MSW DDA Second Amendment (394.9 KiB, 79 hits)

  MSW DDA Third Amendment (379.3 KiB, 37 hits)

  MSW DDA Fourth Amendment (3.9 MiB, 50 hits)

  700 Block Main Street Appraisal (2.0 MiB, 80 hits)

  Parcel 3 Appraisal (4.8 MiB, 60 hits)

  Parcel 7 Appraisal (4.8 MiB, 60 hits)

  Parcels 8 & 9 Appraisal (6.0 MiB, 73 hits)

  Parcel 10 Appraisal (2.7 MiB, 58 hits)

  Parcel 11 Appraisal (4.5 MiB, 61 hits)

  Parcel 13 Appraisal (2.2 MiB, 54 hits)

  MSW DDA RFP Addendum 1 (123.3 KiB, 26 hits)

  MSW DDA RFP Addendum 2 (103.0 KiB, 15 hits)

Post expires at 12:00 am on December 10, 2021