August 17, 2022

Lotz Residences Good Neighbor Meeting

The applicant, Ashria LLC, will be holding a Good Neighbor Meeting on May 2, 2022, at 6:30PM for the proposed Lotz Residences Development Project.

About the Lotz Way Residences:

  • The proposed project will provide 16 new single-family homes. Offering a contemporary three-story floor plan, a detached two car garage with carriage house.
  • As a community benefit a new pedestrian and bicycle trail will be placed along Lotz Way, a pocket park will be situated in the center of the residences. Public improvements within the subdivision will be maintained via the formation of a Maintenance District.
  • This project will also construct a public alley which will include 25 parallel parking spaces. The public alley will be 30 feet wide which is 10 feet wider than the average alleyway.

Project Timeline:

  • Construction estimated to begin Fall of 2022
  • Project estimated completion mid-2023.

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