December 9, 2022

Lighting & Landscaping District Community Advisory Committee

The membership and duties of the Lighting and Landscaping Districts Committee are set by City Council Resolution.

Lighting and Landscaping Districts are also known as Maintenance Assessment Districts (or MADs). There are 11 such districts in Suisun City and two Dredging Districts.

Powers and Duties

The Lighting and Landscaping Districts Committee will review the annual engineer’s report for the Districts and to be a sounding board for issues such as levels of service and cost recovery for the Districts.


At 9-member committee is comprised of one member from each of the 6 Lighting and Landscaping Districts, and two at-large appointments by the Mayor.

The Chair and 9th member will be a current Parks and Recreation Commissioner to be selected by members of the Commission. The Vice chair will be selected by the members annually.

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2021 Lighting & Landscape Committee Agendas

  11/17/2021 Lighting & Landscaping Community Advisory Committee Agenda
» 75.1 KiB - 378 hits - November 15, 2021

  07/28/2021 LLD Community Advisory Committee
» 154.3 KiB - 338 hits - July 28, 2021

  03/31/2021 Lighting and Landscape Districts Committee Agenda
» 330.0 KiB - 472 hits - March 26, 2021