February 4, 2023

Economic Pandemic Impact Community Advisory Committee

The membership and duties of the Economic Pandemic Impact Citizen’s Advisory Committee are set by Council Resolution, adopted May 5, 2020.


The purpose of this committee is to discuss best practices to jumpstart our local economy in a safe and healthy way ensuring our businesses have support and identify ways to expand business and services within Suisun City.


Total Membership consists of 17 members:

  • 15 appointed by the Mayor and City Council with full voting rights,
  • 2 non-appointed with no voting rights consisting of the Mayor and City Manager, as Chair and Vice Chair respectively.

The appointed positions consist of five At-Large Members appointed by a member of the Council. These members should have expertise or experience which would add value to the discussion of economic recovery for Suisun City.

There will be 10 Stakeholder Members appointed by the Mayor in consultation with the City Manager representing economic stakeholders in our community as follows:

  • 4 members – Small and large businesses of any type located within city limits. Size of businesses is defined by number of employees – small is 15 or fewer employees and large is more than 15 employees. The desire is to have 50% representation of each but is flexible depending on the nominations.
  • 1 member – Non-profit organization located within city limits.
  • 1 member – Locally owned restaurant located within city limits.
  • 1 member – Business member of the Downtown Waterfront Business Improvement District.
  • 3 members – A board member from the Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce, the Solano County Black Chamber of Commerce, and the Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Current Appointed Committee Members:

  • Jon Riley (At-Large / Stakeholder)
  • Valarie Baker (At-Large / Stakeholder)
  • James Berg (At-Large / Stakeholder)
  • Bill Champagne (At-Large / Stakeholder)
  • George Guynn (At-Large / Stakeholder)
  • Michael Ndah (Small Business)
  • Zen Hunter-Ishikawa (Small Business)
  • John Salwoke (Large Business)
  • Camran Nojoomi (Large Business)
  • Michael Brito (Non-Profit Organization)
  • Shelly Kontogiannis )Locally Owned Restaurant)
  • Laura Cole-Rowe (Business Member of BID)
  • Andrea Garcia (Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce Board Member)
  • Jonicon George (Solano County Black Chamber of Commerce)
  • Lori D. Wilson (Mayor)
  • Greg Folsom (City Manager)

For questions related to the EPIC Committee, please email EPIC@suisun.com.

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2021 Economic Pandemic Impact Citizens Advisory Committee

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