December 7, 2019

UPDATED: Dredge Project Schedule

UPDATE 8/6/19: The Dredging Project has a slight delay. The new tentative start date is Monday, August 12. This revised tentative schedule pushes back the original tentative schedule for each zone by a week. The map below has been updates with the new scheduled timeline.

The Suisun Slough dredging project is tentatively scheduled to begin Monday, August 5. Pictured is the Dredging Project Schedule. Dredging will begin in zone 1 and work north then following the numeric order of the map zones.

It is difficult to provide accurate dates and locations at this time, but below is what the tentative schedule looks like for each zone.

  1. Aug. 5 – Aug. 19  Starting dredging from southern dredge boundary to Fuel dock area.
  2. Aug. 20 – Sept. 4  Fuel Dock to in front of Harbor Office.  Including slips on both sides of channel.
  3. Sept. 5 – Sept. 17  Harbor Office to northern boundary.  Including slips on both sides of channel.
  4. Sept. 18 – Sept. 23  Whispering Bay Channel. (Zone 4)
  5. Sept. 24 – Oct 2  Residential District. (Zone 5)