October 23, 2021

Stormwater Regulations

The Suisun City Public Works Department participates in efforts to control the amount and quality of storm water running off hard scape surfaces in the City.

Because the storm drains in Suisun City connect directly to the Suisun Marsh, the largest estuarine marsh on the West Coast, controlling storm water runoff is a major environmental priority.

Several resources are available to developers, builders and others involved in the control of storm water. These documents are in PDF format; some are large so please be patient as they download.


  • For further information on storm water mapping and pollution prevention alternatives, please call Building and Public Works at  707-421-7340
  • To report a spill or file other complaint, please call the Police Department Dispatch Center at 707-421-7373


Potable water is supplied to Suisun City customers by the Suisun-Solano Water Authority.  More information about establishing water service can be found on the Utility Services page.  SSWA also is responsible for updating and managing the City’s Urban Water Management Plan.