February 4, 2023

Victorian Harbor – Zone A LLD

The Victorian Harbor Lighting & Landscaping District (“Victorian Harbor MAD”) provides maintenance of parks, street lighting, median landscaping, curbside landscaping, alleyway hardscape, sound walls, and channel dredging.

The boundaries of Victorian Harbor LLD are identified in the formation and consolidation documents of the district. Said documents are on file with the City and are hereby made a part of this Report by reference.

The Victorian Harbor LLD provides periodic maintenance dredging of the Main Suisun Channel. Also included is the maintenance of riparian vegetation (wetlands), which were or may be required as mitigation for dredging the channel. There are five Zones of benefit within the Victorian Harbor LLD. The improvements for Zone A include:

  • Zone A includes all publicly owned landscaped areas as shown on the Assessment Diagram in Appendix A. These areas include a prorated share of Mike Day Park, median island and roadside landscaping, street lighting on Civic Center Boulevard, and all publicly owned roadside and street lighting on the interior streets within the Zone. Zone A is also responsible for one-half the Josiah Circle Park.

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MADS Victorian Harbor A

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Vic A & B - CC&Rs

  Victorian Harbor Zone A District Map
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