November 29, 2020

Peterson Ranch LLD

The Peterson Ranch Lighting and Landscaping District (“Peterson LLD”) provides for and ensures the continued maintenance and servicing of landscape and irrigation improvements and associated appurtenances located within the public right-of-ways. At formation, the Peterson LLD was projected to consist of seven phases, for a total projected number of 563 single-family homes and an 8.94 acre multi-family/commercial parcel, located in the Peterson Ranch subdivision.

The boundary of the Peterson LLD is generally described as the area north of Bella Vista Drive, east of Walters Road, south of East Tabor Avenue (extended), and west of the lands of Peterson & Johnson Trust.

The improvements include parks, greenbelt, detention/mitigation area and storm sewer filtration units (storm receptors), and street lights including lights on the east side of Walters Road between Bella Vista Drive and East Tabor Avenue. The Peterson LLD provides for and ensures the continued maintenance and servicing of landscape, irrigation, and sound wall improvements along Walters Road and Bella Vista Drive immediately adjacent to the Peterson Ranch subdivision boundary. Landscape improvements may include, but are not limited to: shrubs, trees, cobbles, landscape irrigation system, and associated appurtenant facilities. Services include personnel, materials, contracting services, electrical energy, water required for all necessary maintenance, replacement, repair, and administration required to keep the above mentioned improvements in a healthy, vigorous, and satisfactory condition.

The following is a brief description of the improvements to be maintained and operated:

  • Street Landscaping of plants, trees, and shrubs along Charleston Street, McClellan Drive and Bella Vista Drive (9.3 acres total).
  • Maintenance and irrigation systems.
  • Maintenance of parks: 3.98, 2.63 and 4.67 acres, respectively.
  • Utilities and maintenance for street lights (approximately 195 lights).
  • Maintenance of the greenbelts (approximately 4 acres total).
  • Maintenance of the open space (approximately 5.52 acres total).
  • East strip street landscaping and half of the median along Walters Road (approximately 1.46 acres total).
  • Entry landscaping at Bella Vista Drive and Charleston Street.
  • Maintenance of storm sewer filtration units (approximately 16 units).
  • Detention basin maintenance (approximately 19.69 acres total).


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