February 4, 2023

Heritage Park LLD

The Heritage Park Lighting and Landscaping District (“Heritage LLD”) provides and ensures the continued maintenance, servicing, administration, and operation of various landscaping improvements, street lighting, and associated appurtenances located within certain parks, medians, the public right-of-way and dedicated easements within the boundaries.
The territory within the Heritage LLD is located generally north of Highway 12, west of Sunset Avenue, south of Railroad Avenue, and east of Marina Boulevard. The territory within the Buena Vista/California Tapestries subdivision and the territory located east of Worley Road and north of Lois Lane are within the Heritage LLD.
SERVICE FREQUENCY UPDATE: Heritage LLD was formed without an annual inflator on its assessment. As a result, Heritage LLD homeowners are still paying the same assessment amount of $192.64 from when the District was first established in the early 1990’s. This fixed assessment over the years has had a continuous decrease in purchasing power due to inflation, meaning that the landscape contract cost has increased each year, but the District’s revenue amount has remained static.
As a result, the City has had to make difficult decisions every year on how to best utilize the available funds to cover the landscape maintenance in the District. You may have noticed a reduced service reduction for the last several years. This year, additional reductions to service were required. The reductions that had to be made this year were severe and will result in noticeable changes in the landscaping within your District. The reductions have resulted in the following: Only the exterior areas of the District are being maintained. All “interior areas” will be addressed approximately once per year by the City’s Public Works Maintenance crew. Again, these reductions were made to bring the contract cost in line with the District’s available landscaping budget.

The service frequency reductions that needed to be made are reflected in Exhibit A below which contains a table comparing the previous service frequencies against the new service frequencies. Also below is the new map (Exhibit B) which shows the updated service areas the current landscape contract. The redlines of the map are on District areas that are still being maintained under the landscape contract.

Please know that the service frequency reductions were made thoughtfully, and that each decision was carefully considered by staff to minimize public safety impacts before making the reductions. The goal was to reduce the District’s landscape contract costs such that the landscape service was possible within its available budget. The Suisun City Public Works Department will continue to look alternative options to reduce costs in the future while trying to maintain the District at the best service level possible within the available budget. Interior areas will be maintained approximately one time per year by the City’s Public Works Crew.

The improvements are the construction, operation, maintenance, and servicing of landscaping improvements, street lighting, and associated appurtenances located within certain parks, medians, the public right-of-way and dedicated easements within the boundaries. Maintenance and servicing includes, but is not limited to, personnel, electrical energy, utilities such as water and gas, materials, contracting services, and other items necessary for the satisfactory operation of these services as described as follows: Landscape improvements may include, but are not limited to: ground cover, shrubs, plants and trees, irrigation and drainage systems, graffiti removal, and associated appurtenant facilities. Street lighting improvements include all facilities and components of the street light system. Services provided include all necessary service, operations, administration, and maintenance required to keep the above mentioned improvements in a healthy, vigorous, working, and satisfactory condition.

The following is a brief description of the improvements to be maintained and operated:

  • Heritage Park is being maintained.
  • Street Lighting: Street lighting along the east side of Village Drive, Center Median and south side of Railroad Avenue, Central Median of Sunset Avenue, Central Median of Merganser Drive, and on all interior streets in the Heritage LLD. There are 160 street lights being maintained.
  • Median Island Landscaping: All median islands within the Heritage LLD are being maintained.
  • Curbside Landscaping: The curbside landscaping along the east side of Worley Road, the north side of Charles Way, north side of Highway 12, the east side of Village Drive, the south side of Railroad Avenue, the east side of Marina Boulevard, the north side of Buena Vista Avenue, the east side of Sunset Avenue, the north side of Merganser from Sunset to the Village, both sides of Merganser fronting the Village, and the three interior landscaped waterline easements.

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