March 21, 2019

Building & Public Works

The Building & Public Works Department was created in 2010 by the consolidation of two previously separate departments under a single director, who also serves as the Fire Marshal and Chief Building Official. The Department consists of five divisions

  • Administration
  • Building
  • Engineering
  • Public Works Maintenance
  • Public Facilities Maintenance


Building and Public Works Administration Division, which consists of the Director and two Administrative Assistants, oversees the general operations of the department, coordination of all the divisions and relations with a number of local and regional agencies and partners, including


The Building Division, which consists of a Senior Building Inspector, a Building Inspector I and contract plan check services, safeguards the health, safety and welfare of Suisun City residents, workers and visitors by effective administration and enforcement of city building codes, fire codes and ordinances. This is accomplished by technical review of plans and specifications for proposed projects, permit processing, field inspections, fire safety inspections and public information services related to new construction.

The Building Division works in concert with the Development Services Department and Public Works Engineering Division to carry out many of its duties.

Building Applications

  Building Permit Application (104.6 KiB, 5,825 hits)
Fillable pdf format (must be filed in person or fax)

  Special Inspection & Observation Form (99.4 KiB, 2,565 hits)
Building Department form for use when required by Building Code

Public Works Engineering

The Public Works Engineering Division, which consists of a contract City Engineer, two Associate Engineers and a Public Works Inspector, provides

  • Engineering, design, construction, and inspection of all public improvements, and provides engineering oversight of all new residential, commercial and industrial development within Suisun City
  • Oversees numerous mandated programs and coordinates transportation policy for the City in coordination with other entities
  • Supports neighborhood Municipal Assessment Districts
  • Provides technical information and consultation to every City department
  • Recycling and solid waste programs

Contractors doing work in Suisun City are required to take out a City Business License, and your work may require an Encroachment Permit.

Public Works Maintenance

The Public Works Maintenance Division, which consists of a Superintendent, two Crew Supervisors, nine Maintenance Workers and a Fleet Mechanic, provides the maintenance and repair of the public infrastructure of Suisun City, including

  • Streets Traffic and Street Lights
  • Sewers, 10-inches in diameter and smaller
  • Landscape maintenance for parks, streets, Harbor Plaza and Marina
  • Flood channel maintenance
  • Vehicle and equipment care program for non-emergency vehicles
  • Graffiti removal
  • Cleaning up litter and illegal dumping
  • Street sweeping
  • Maintaining street surfaces and repairing pothols
  • Events clean-up

Public Facilities Maintenance

The Public Facilities Maintenance Division, which consists of 1.5 Building Maintenance Workers, is responsible for providing the following services for all City facilities:

  • Custodial services
  • Building maintenance
  • Building repair