August 14, 2022

Community Satisfaction Survey Results Released

Suisun City residents are pleased with the City and want to maintain and improve local services, according to a recently commissioned, independent community opinion survey. The survey of more than 300 Suisun City residents, late last year by the highly respected opinion research firm of Godbe Research, found that 78.5% of respondents found Suisun City as an “excellent” or a “good” place to live.

PDInvestigations-2015“We are pleased that residents in Suisun City are as passionate about the City as we are,” City Manager Suzanne Bragdon said. “We are working to engage with community members to continue to hear their priorities and ideas to help maintain and improve essential City services needed to protect Suisun City’s quality of life.”


Public safety services were priorities with 90% or more of all respondents as they identified key City services – such as maintaining streetlights; maintaining neighborhood police patrols; attracting, training and retaining qualified police officers; as well as improving rapid 911 and the volunteer Fire Departments’ emergency response times – as important for the City to address.

Respondents also stated strong interest in programs that enhance their quality of life, such as Hall Park 2010 and Street lights 001repairing potholes and maintaining City streets, attracting and retaining local businesses, and supporting the local economy, including increasing local jobs. More than four-fifths of respondents stated their desire to maintain these programs that help improve the community and foster an environment for residents to thrive. And 64% of respondents would support a local funding measure to maintain these services, which only requires a simple majority vote.

Although residents are pleased with Suisun City, 96.5% of residents still feel reducing crime is an “extremely” or “very” important priority for the City.

“Maintaining the current level of police service, attracting and retaining qualified police officers, and improving rapid 911 and the volunteer Fire Department’s emergency response times are vital to protecting Suisun City’s quality of life,” Bragdon said.

“We view our residents input as invaluable,” Bragdon said. “We will continue to reach out to community members to secure their feedback and thoughts as to how we can best continue to provide the services they value.”


  •   03/01/2016 City Council Agenda Packet (7.4 MiB, 1,383 hits)
    7 p.m. Regular Session Agenda with staff reports, including an update on fireworks sales, quarterly Traffic Committee report, mid-year FY 2015-16 budget report & initiation of FY 2016-17 budget process, discussion regarding community engagement and empowerment in developing a strategic and financial plan, and discussion regarding sale of City parcel on Marina Blvd. at Lotz Way.
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  •   Community Satisfaction Survey Results (533.8 KiB, 1,641 hits)
    Presentation to the City Council on February 16, 2016


On Sept. 1, 2015, the City Council authorized the City Manager to enter a contract with the Lew Edwards Group to oversee and coordinate a Community Satisfaction Survey, a professional, scientifically valid survey of City residents performed by Godbe Research to collect the community’s assessment of how well the City was providing services.

The specific objective of the work was to determine the services that are important to the community, whether the City is meeting expectations or not relative to those services, and if fiscal constraints are hindering the City’s efforts, whether there is interest and support for increasing revenues to enhance service levels.

  •   09/01/2015 City Council Agenda Packet (5.4 MiB, 3,250 hits)
    7 p.m. Regular Session Agenda with staff reports, including an Emergency Preparedness Month update, an agreement to assess feasibility of a tax measure on the Nov. 2016 ballot, and a public hearing regarding Downtown Waterfront Specific Plan Update policies.