August 13, 2022

Request for Proposals – 1240 Kellogg Street

The Successor Agency of the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Suisun City (Successor Agency) is seeking Proposals to purchase property owned by the Successor Agency at 1240 Kellogg Street, Suisun City, CA 94585. A Request for Proposals (RFP) document has been prepared and contains details on the process as well as any timelines for submittals.

The 0.85-acre site is improved with a 10,500 square foot commercial building, and a 0.50-acre asphalt paved and fenced yard. The property is within the Waterfront District Specific Plan area and is designated as Waterfront Commercial (“WC”).

All questions regarding the RFP can be directed to:

John Kearns
Principal Planner
(707) 421-7335


Release of Request for ProposalsMay 26, 2022
Property Walkthrough #1June 9 2pm-4pm
Property Walkthrough #2June 14 10am-12pm
Property Walkthrough #3 June 21 130pm-3pm

Review Period

Deadline for Submittal of Proposals5:00 p.m., July 11, 2022
Evaluation of Submission by Successor AgencyWeek of July 18, 2022 (tentative)
Preliminary presentations to Successor AgencyWeek of July 25, 2022 (tentative)
Successor Agency Consider Exclusive Right to NegotiateAugust 16, 2022 (tentative)

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Post expires at 12:30 pm on August 17, 2022

Suisun City Cooling Center

With triple digit heat heading our way. The Joseph Nelson Community Center will be open for a cooling center in an effort to keep our resident’s safe. The cooling center will open Monday – Friday 11:00am – 5:00pm when it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

Request for Proposals: Architectural Services

The City of Suisun City, hereafter referred to as the “City”, is inviting highly qualified professional consulting firms to provide proposals for professional services to prepare plans, specifications and cost estimates (PS&E) for Architectural Services for the City Hall Water Damage Remediation Project, Fire Station Bathroom Remodel & Building Updates Project, and Safety Facilities Security Gates Project (“Project”).

Project 1:

City Hall Water Damage Remediation Project
701 Civic Center Boulevard

Project Description: This project is to repair water damage to the City Hall South Wing above the Administration Offices and Finance Department. Water leaks occur between the steep-slope roof and wall structures. Yearly leaking during the rainy season is causing damage to the structure and encouraging fungal growth within the interior structure of the south wing of City Hall. This needs to be repaired for health and safety concerns.

Project includes:

  • Site assessments to determine the current overall roof conditions and defects of the roof/building structure.
  • Inspections of the current conditions of the roofing underlayment and tie-in for the steep-slope roof and wall will be needed to determine if these areas are in a watertight condition.
  • Microbial growth assessment of the subject areas by taking surface and air samples in the areas to be repaired.
  • Visual fungal contamination and water damage assessment at selected interior locations.

Project 2:

Fire Station Bathroom Remodel & Building Updates Project
621 Pintail Drive

Project Description: This project is to remodel all four restrooms to all gender single-use restrooms. The three employee restrooms would be remodeled to all gender single-use restrooms with showers, toilets, and urinals. The fourth restroom is a public restroom that would be upgraded to accessible codes and new fixtures.

The project will also include the following to bring the facility up to Code:

  • Repair sewer main line from restrooms to cleanout located outside the building
  • Prepare as-built plans of the Fire Station in its current configuration and after construction. There have been modifications to the building without plans
  • Extend the firewall to the roof between the apparatus bay and main building
  • Upgrade exit doors to Code with fire rated doors with panic hardware throughout the building
  • Relocate electrical panel, conduct electrical load calculations, and upgrade panel to accommodate increased use
  • Add necessary outlets in compliance with the latest Building Code
  • Install new non-slip floors and baseboards
  • Add storage closet for chemical cleaning supplies

Project 3 (Additive Alternate):

Safety Facilities Security Gates Project
Police Department, 701 Civic Center Boulevard
Fire Station, 621 Pintail Drive
Corporation Yard, 4555 Petersen Road

Project Description: This project will add an electric security gate to the Police Department, Fire Station, and Corporation Yard. This is a much-needed security upgrade to protect our safety personnel, vehicles, equipment, and facilities. Electric rolling gates are to be installed with an upgraded non-scalable fence and with pedestrian access door at each facility.

Police Department: This gate project includes new design of the Police parking lot with an expansion into the adjacent parking lot accommodate better ingress and egress from the new electric gate. Repair of the current access driveway will be necessary for a manual gate for boat access at the existing driveway to the street with asphalt repairs inside the current parking lot. The new gate will need electric conduit run to the motor and Dispatch Center, and wireless or hard-wired nodes for the egress. Entrance to the gate will be via card key and will be monitored by Dispatch to allow for remote access to the parking lot. New fencing will be installed for the larger lot. Adjustments to the neighboring parking lot to include moving accessible parking spaces and new design for the drain inlets.

Fire Station: An electric gate is to be installed on Wigeon Way. The gate will need electric conduit run to the gate motor and to the inside of the building with wireless or hard-wired nodes for the egress.. Entrance to the gate will be click to enter and will be monitored inside the building to allow for remote access to the parking lot. The existing fence and parking lot access door will need to be replaced and upgraded to a masonry fence with secured access door.

Corporation Yard: An electric gate is to be installed on the Yard fence. This swing gate will need electric conduit run to the motor with wireless or hard-wired nodes for the egress. Entrance to the gate will be via card key.

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Solano County REAP Housing Element Collaborative

The Solano County REAP Housing Element Collaborative is made up of the cities of Rio Vista, Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Suisun City, Vacaville, Vallejo, and the County of Solano. Every jurisdiction in the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) is in the process of updating their individual 2023- 2031 Housing Element, as well as their individual Safety Elements. The primary goal of the Housing Element is to identify and analyze existing and future needs to preserve, improve, and guide the development of housing for all economic segments of the community. As a part of the Housing Element update process, the Solano County Housing Element Collaborative has prepared a housing survey to gather information on housing needs and concerns. We appreciate your participation.

Lotz Residences Good Neighbor Meeting

The applicant, Ashria LLC, will be holding a Good Neighbor Meeting on May 2, 2022, at 6:30PM for the proposed Lotz Residences Development Project.

About the Lotz Way Residences:

  • The proposed project will provide 16 new single-family homes. Offering a contemporary three-story floor plan, a detached two car garage with carriage house.
  • As a community benefit a new pedestrian and bicycle trail will be placed along Lotz Way, a pocket park will be situated in the center of the residences. Public improvements within the subdivision will be maintained via the formation of a Maintenance District.
  • This project will also construct a public alley which will include 25 parallel parking spaces. The public alley will be 30 feet wide which is 10 feet wider than the average alleyway.

Project Timeline:

  • Construction estimated to begin Fall of 2022
  • Project estimated completion mid-2023.

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Join us Thursday, April 14, 2022 for a variety of free senior activities to celebrate the grand opening of senior programs at the Joseph Nelson Community Center! All senior programing going forward will be located at the Joseph Nelson Community Center so come check out the new location for senior fun! For questions or more information please contact Justeen Singley at or call (707) 421-7200.

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Suisun City Launches New Survey Tool to Better Understand Community Concerns

Suisun City, CA – March 16, 2022

Suisun City has launched a new public survey tool to better understand local priorities and concerns on a wide range of city services and the local quality of life. The tool will enable the City to more holistically understand local neighborhood issues and enhance their responsiveness to community priorities.

The launch of the new community survey is in partnership with Zencity, a global technology company redefining community engagement to enhance the responsiveness of local governments. Zencity works with hundreds of municipalities across the U.S. including Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle, and San Diego on issues ranging from public safety to American Rescue Plan Act implementation.

Surveys in English, Spanish, and Tagalog have begun to appear to Suisun City residents through the use of digital ads in various locations such as news websites, social media platforms, blogs, and apps. Based on responses, the survey will measure resident satisfaction regarding local services and quality of life in the city, while also identifying key concerns residents want the city to address.

“We are always striving to get input from residents and incorporate it into our decision making process. This partnership with Zencity will be a great step toward really understanding the needs and concerns of our residents to make the best decisions for the future of our city,” said Mayor Lori Wilson.

“We have used surveys before but Zencity has a much broader, more representative reach into our communities by putting the survey on the apps that people use most”, added City Manager Greg Folsom.

Survey Methodology
Zencity’s community survey incorporates voices from every corner of the community. To do so, Zencity sets response targets based on U.S. Census data about the city. Zencity ensures the security and privacy of its data and survey respondents. Survey responses are anonymous, unless a respondent chooses to share their email address for follow-up purposes, in which case their survey responses are kept confidential. Zencity does not collect a respondent’s name, address, or any other personally-identifying information. Zencity’s weighting accounts for the responses of every single person who answered a question. The responses give a proportional voice to all demographics (e.g., by age, sex, race, education level, and income level) based on the makeup of that area.

Request for Proposals for Biological Monitoring in Support of the McCoy Creek Trail Phase 2 Improvements Project

The City of Suisun City is inviting highly qualified professional consulting firms to provide proposals to perform biological monitoring on the McCoy Creek Phase 2 Improvements Project (“Project”).

This Project would extend the existing Phase 1 Trail by constructing a 10-foot wide concrete Class I pedestrian/bicycle path along the west bank of the McCoy Creek canal from the north side of Pintail Drive to Laurel Creek. This Project would include a pedestrian bridge from the south bank to the north bank of the Laurel Creek canal (roughly ending at the dead-end of Humphrey Drive). The trail would then continue along the north bank of the Laurel Creek canal from Humphrey Drive to Blossom Avenue. This is approximately one mile in length, and would result in a natural, scenic concrete trail through the center of town.

In addition to the construction of the Class I concrete path and the prefabricated bridge, other improvements could include installing new fencing, railing, site furnishings, monument entrance signs, wayfinding signs, educational kiosk signs, roadway signs, pavement striping, roadway chokers, flashing beacons at the chokers, crosswalks at mid-block roadway crossings, minor landscaping, and street lighting.

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Train Depot Vendor RFP

The City of Suisun City is seeking a sustainable food/beverage or similar service business at the Suisun City Train Depot (177 Main Street) with consistent hours of operation to serve commuter population and other consumers. Proposals can be submitted for a combination of Suite 1, Suite 2, and/or possible use of Lobby including vending. Use of the outdoor space surrounding the depot may also be possible. Proposals are to be submitted to John Kearns, Senior Planner by 3PM Friday March 25, 2022. Please send any questions to John Kearns at or (707) 421-7337.

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City Hall is now open to the public

Beginning February 16th, City Hall is once again open to the public for in-person services. Masks are recommended, but not required if you are vaccinated. Unvaccinated people must wear a mask.

City meetings will be held in the Council Chambers in a hybrid environment with Zoom.