April 11, 2021

Building Inspector Questions

Building Inspector I-II/I Supplemental Questions

The following are supplemental questions for invited applicants for the Building Inspector I-II/I position with the City of Suisun City.nnPlease provide complete responses in the spaces provided below.n
  • Please provide email address used on employment application.
  • Please describe your prior construction experience, including at least one example of a specific project.
  • Please describe your experience reviewing plans or issuing building permits.
  • Please describe your approach to customer service as it relates to enforcing codes as a building inspector.
  • Please describe your experience enforcing the various California Building Codes. From your previous work experience, please describe a time when you’ve had difficulty enforcing California Building Codes at a job site. What steps did you take to resolve the situation?
  • Do you have a current or expired contractor’s license?
  • Do you have any certificates as it related to building inspection? If so, please list certificate and issuing agency/authority.