November 17, 2019

Boo! Please Recycle!

The volume of discarded plastic beverage containers is SCARY! It takes 450 years (best case) for plastic bottles to decompose in a landfill. Please recycle!

Public Works Crews Managing Windy Aftermath

Public Works staff discussing yesterday’s events and prioritizing the clean up work for today. City crews will be out today removing trees and cleaning up debris. Please drive safely, watch for maintenance workers and slow for the cone zone. You can report any concerns to or call 707-421-7340.

North Basin Waterfront Parking Lot Gets New Storm Drains

In case you were wondering what was happening down in the north basin waterfront parking lot. The city’s Streets Crew has been installing new storm drains to alleviate the puddling areas in the parking lot during the rainy season.

Boat Ramp Parking Lot Storm Drain

Streets Crew successfully installed a new storm drain inlet in the boat ramp parking lot at the end of Kellogg St. This will alleviate the puddling and allow drivers to safely enter and exit the area.

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